Aluex S.A. is constantly investing in production technologies, control instruments and staff training so as to guarantee a whole quality of the products.

Trying to get a complete satisfaction of our clients implies offering them trustworthy, high quality and timely products.

On this matter, our laboratories carry out thorough audits regarding our raw material and services suppliers. Once they have been selected, and every time an order is delivered to us, a preventive strict revision is made.

Our lines of production have packaging rooms specially designed for maintaining the adequate atmosphere for the correct handling of the produced products.

A similar remarkable process is done with the finished products before they are handed in to the clients because we must comply with all their requirements by taking into account the special features of the different markets that they belong to.

Cameras for the digital printing control of 100% of the container have been added to our high-speed lines in order to assure the quality of the delivered products.

Our working system consists of giving reliable solutions to our clients and it does not end with the delivery of the product but also a team of experts is put at the clients’ disposal to carry out any post sale counseling.

We put our focus on creating sustainable, constant and long-term business relations and we differ from other companies as we get involved with our clients in the processes that add more value to their products.